CUISINE SECRETS: Homemade “sofrito” (tomato and onion cooking sauce)
Do you remember when your mother used to wait up for you? You would chat into the early hours over a hot drink, or maybe even a nightcap. Only a mother makes this kind of sacrifice, and inspired by this unconditional love Just Married has created the early morning sofrito, an onion and tomato cooking sauce. We get up early and cook it slowly, over a low heat. We use it as a base for many of our dishes. Now you too can use it in your casseroles, soups, stews, pasta sauces… the list is endless! Who wouldn’t like to try a cooking sauce made with true motherly love?
Ingredients: Onion, tomato, sunflower oil and salt.

Allergy information: n/a

Net weight: 230 grams
Open the tin and savour the aroma Empty the contents of the tin into a small pan Place on the heat and bring up to the boil Then add the accompanying portion of rice and turn down the heat Leave to simmer for the specified length of time, stirring occasionally. If desired, parmesan could be added to certain risotto dishes two minutes before it is ready Remove from the heat and leave it of rice to rest for a few minutes, according to taste
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